Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sex and Kids: The Battle for Purity

America's cry for help!!!!!
Sex and Kids: The Battle for Purity Wed 27th June 2007

Thank God for PrimeTime@thePoOl. Makerere University. Thank God for the heart he's given Pastor Martin Ssempa!!
Am through with university (a den of perverts) while still sexually pure! wow. Seeing the death of ma relatives who were in ma age bracket,I really didnt know whether I would come out alive! with out messing up. thankfully enough Primetime@thePoOl picked me up!!!!! that very night! when I arrived as a campus freshman way back in 2004.
Its unfortunate to note that our brothers and sisters in American are dying at such a rate with little or no activities to promote sexual purity among the youth! These are the people who fund all sorts of stuff eg: "research on how to rear rabbits". things which donot profit a life and yet they give up on supporting the basics in human life: "How to live a life with out regret". Such researches are done by the Church! even with the little offertory given.

Am grieved in heart and soul that this is happening in America. If u come from the states, I have cheap advise for you! come pick a leaf from Makerere University's -Uganda- Abstinence and Marital Faithfulness campaigns done every weekend on Saturday at the University's swimming PoOl. Moreso come and be educated. Also advise the senate, whitehouse and the UN to get serious and start supporting Abstinence and Marital /Faithfulness programs!! ya! they have spoken, other than funding homosexual groups!! and other non-beneficial research.

I love you all.
have anice day.

Monday, June 25, 2007


PrimeTime is the one place /Rally the entire universe where University Campus Students come together every Saturday encouraging each other and building a comunity which promotes sexual ourity through Abstinence and being faithful in Marriages.